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Cryptic (Novel excerpts here)

Genre: Psychological/Mystery Thriller

Progress: First Draft


Rachel Chen grew up being told that she was born broken. It took 15 years before she’s reassured that it’s OK to avoid eye contact, 20 before she told herself it’s not cowardly to move out with her best friend, Ling Lee.

At 25, she discovers that her former mentor, Jonathan Lee, was actually the leader of Malaysia’s largest criminal organisation. Strangely enough, Rachel’s and Ling Lee’s names are on his murderer’s hitlist, along with that of their childhood friend and Lee’s American nephew.

The only way out, it seems, is to stop the murderer from getting his hands on the secrets that previously allowed Lee to rule the criminal world. But as the race begins to solve Lee’s 6 security puzzles, Rachel is forced to choose between confronting two evils: the ghosts of her past, or the dangers of her present.